Unlearning / Interpretations

HAiKw/ is a clothing label operating as a collaborative platform for art and fashion. The exhibition «Unlearning – Interpretations» is a collaboration with Norwegian artist Toril Johannessen(Norway b.1978) and her work Unlearning Optical Illusions.  Based on fabrics printed at GTP in Ghana in the technique dutch wax prints that Johannessen use for her installation work, HAiKw/ make clothing. Johannessen’s project is ultimately concerned with how culture influences how we see the world around us. HAiKw/ approaches Johannessen’s existing work with anthropological methods and have conducted interviews with people hailing from various parts of the world about the fabrics. They ask simple questions: Can you describe what you see? Can you give it your own name? that provide complex answers that, gathered and collated, provide an interpretation of Johannessen’s work.  HAiKw/ enables Johannessens work to move out of the gallery space and into everyday life and back again. Fabrics become clothes – clothes become applied art.

The exhibition takes the shape of a market with goods available for the audience/costumer. There will be clothes made, as mentioned, from Johannessen’s textiles, sculptures and other objects in combination with video works. The videos are created by the artist Jacob Riddle (USA b. 1985). Riddle takes elements from the exhibition and brings them to life in an alternate reality with 3D rendered representations of textiles and objects.

HAiKw/ in collaboration with Rod Bianco and Bjarne Melgaard release souvenirs from the exhibition in the form of sweatshirts, t-shirts and tote bags.

During the exhibition HAiKw/ will release another collaboration that takes Johannessen’s fabrics even further. The Norwegian fashion magazine Recens Paper will launch their new merchandize in collaboration w/ HAiKw/. Graphic designer Morteza Vaseghi has remixed the patterns into a new print and exclusive print, combining goods with distribution channels.

Fashion show:

The Spring Summer 2017 collection Interpretations will be shown for the first time during the exhibition at Rod Bianco. The American performance artist La Porscha (USA b. 1987), who is taking part in the Soppen Performance Festival, will be the main character for the show. The music is custom made by the duo Kristoffer Eikrem and Bendik Baksaas.