NADA New York
Kristoffer Myskja


09.05.14 - 11.05.14


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At NADA New York, the gallery will present a solo exhibition of work by Kristoffer Myskja (Norwegian, b. 1985). Myskja works with kinetic sculpture, and has participated in several exhibitions in Norway and abroad. His studio looks like a mid-century watchmaker workshop, with tools requiring manual labor to create even the smallest parts for his sculptures.

Atypical of today's modern machinery; augmentations of our own bodies designed for convenience and increased efficiency, Myskja's moving sculptures are autonomous machines that counter the current fad of interactive kinetics.

As today’s technology tends to blend in with our environment, Myskja’s work can be read as a reminder that the machine is still there, making us consider our increasingly machine-dependent existence. His brass "machines" maintain the authenticity of precious antique objects, whilst ironically commenting on contemporary socio-cultural realities. They encourage us to consider the role of the machine, its omnipresence in contemporary existence and the commonalities in “automated action” that we (and the machines) share, such as the act of smoking in Smoking machine. As demonstrated ironically in a Machine that uses a thousand years to shut itself down, ‘time’ is also at the essence of Myskja’s work. Specifically, the marking of time, through the integration of sound, mechanical rhythm and a durational progression or transformation of form as seen in Interference machine and Rule 30. Myskja’s works are temporal in all the right ways – poetically challenging us to consider process and consequence in a light-hearted yet poignant way.