Toril Johannessen
Jacob Riddle
Unlearning / Interpretations


18.08.16 - 10.09.16

Opening 18. August
19.00 - 21.00


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Video by Jacob Riddle
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Gjennomtrekk - Dagsavisen


Recens issue 5 launch / Oslo

10. September 18.00 - 21.00 

is a youth culture magazine in a constant riot with stereotypes and the fashion establishment. The printed paper is published biannually and covers the topics of fashion, art, music, culture and politics. 

In this issue we set out to honor the spirit of teamwork. We want to celebrate our contributors and thank them for allowing us to share and present their thoughts, passions and productions. We want to celebrate the success of integrity in our unity. We want to celebrate the act of participation. Because that is what we strive for - promote collaboration and help young talent, those who dare to share, present their ideas, views and solutions. This is finally what makes Recens the ultimate sharing tool; a documentation of the collection of shared ideas and works created; a piece of joint efforts allied and distributed all over the planet.

18-19.30 * THIAS

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