Rod Bianco Gallery is pleased to present BLAUM KNAST, a group exhibition with works by Johan Øvergård, Sindre Braathen, Patrick Berran and Dolk. The four artists are working with different materiality and media within a range of physical and conscious exploration. BLAUM KNAST, an undefined expression that captures both the solid and the flux.

BLAUM KNAST is what your grandmother utters when she sees something that she does not understand. It is an expression used by the masses when they are faced with a sudden, unexpected moment. It is also rumoured to be the title of the botanical magazine that you found in the waiting room at the dentist when you were in high school. I can’t believe Kevin would BLAUM KNAST Lynn’s birthday by organizing a karaoke party for the same night – what a douche.

Johan Øvergård
Patrick Berran
Sindre Braathen