Bertil Greging

b. 1957, Norway
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway


Selected Works



Bertil Greging’s work is characterised by an alternation between the chaotic and expressive on the one side, and the formal and minimalistic on the other. Greging has established himself as a significant artist within painting, drawing, collages and installations. He allows himself to explore different expressions and manages to be just as comfortable within the abstract, the figurative, the minimalistic and the expressionistic. His art is always in dialog with art history, as well as his own personal history and childhood memories. There is a presence of humor in his work, but also of vulnerability. In Greging’s art, how to navigate in art and how to navigate in life is closely intertwined. 

Greging has had a number of major exhibitions. His works can be found in the collections of The Norwegian Natinoal Gallery, The Norwegian Parlament, Art Council Norway, Norsk Hydro and Malmö Art Museum.