Nick Farhi
Grear Patterson
Across 110th street


19.05.16 - 25.05.16

Opening 19. May
19.00 - 21.00


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James Franco Posters


Relating colors to memory and reciting steps are almost the same thing. In fact it's noticeably delightful to find the two a melodiously in figuring out why we relate things together and how we inspire our latest action or choice to the next and so on. It's relational, choosing and discovering connections between people, places, things, and colors or shapes or whatever visually you choose to create or recognize, is entirely up to you, walking across any street in any city, it is the sparseness of color that evokes our conclusions about time and context, new and old, good and bad, smart and senseless. 

To stroll and go about a road one knows for a long or even not such a long time it is the colors that exasperate our senses for knowing something to be new and or nostalgic. The color of these things by and large is what keeps us euphoric by our travels, and our habitats with all of their indications, with all of their cobinations of color is what keeps us as explorers longing for the glow and love for our lives and excursions, pleasurable, and full of some kind of hidden resolution aka familiarity. Walk across one hundred and tenth street, please.