About Me

The art world never stops being rocked by the rebel Bjarne Melgaard, known for his graphic expressionism and highlighting of taboos. Bob Recine has been on a very different journey – traversing the gap between art and commerce through his longstanding fascination with the rituals of high magic. Together their advanced creations stand out like an alchemical reaction between two groundbreaking artists.


Bjarne Melgaard and Bob Recine is a friendship duo that have already worked together on a few occasions. Last year their strong breeze of a disturbed spirit hit Paris with Bjarne’s exhibition The Casual Pleasure of Disappointment at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. The two artists are now reunited in Oslo presented in an interactive installation created by Void with fusional art by Snøhetta.

Blood, Stones and Certain Beasts features Bjarne Melgaard and Bob Recine’s combined creations, including characteristic elements like painting, plastic, hair, make-up, doll-like figures and various other materials. These elements are juxtaposing the individual work, melting the universes of the two artists into refreshingly new expressions.

This sales exhibition is presented in collaboration with Rod Bianco Gallery.