NADA New York
Vaginal Davis


14.05.15 - 17.05.15


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Hop along with me and take a peek into the world of the sacred temple prostitute, the high holy retarded whore, the courtesan, the concubine, the hustler, and the Stricher. You wind up paying for sex one way or another. I don’t care if you’re leasing or renting or if you put it on layaway, so let's mosey to that big house of the silver nitrate screen, the Cinerama Dome, the Chinese Theater or whatever the equivalent is in the Tri-State area—it doesn’t really matter. I know I’ve seen your face up there before on that screen many times.

Physio therapist, personal trainer, nutritionist, model, actress, hooker,’s all about that pound round of flesh—hey look me over, it's all I wanna be, a casual study of Demonology.

Make-up portraits of historic goldenen Camilles:

La Belle Otero, Lillie Langtry, Nell Gwyn, Anne de Pisseleu d’Heilly, Madame du Barry, Frances Villiers, Veronica Franco, Lola Montez, Madame de Pompadour, Catherine Walters, NaNa, Diane de Poitiers, Mary Boleyn, Jayne Avril, Madame de Chevigné (Proust’s model for the Princesse de Guermantes), Dorothy Fellowes-Gordon, Barbara Peyton and Brad Pitt when he was part of The Deep Dish Dick Collective and before his relationship with Robin Givens who helped him jumpstart his career by getting him cast on her tired late 1980s TV sitcom Head of the Class.

Cosmetics and clay art objects of the male escort varieté:

Steve Antin—the ultimate white trash/prowl or proletariat hesher boy babe with lean, rock hard musculature, 81⁄2 inch long thickerous and generous hangy downy oxen gonads. Kept by caftan clad producer Alan Carr (Grease), TV talk show host Merv Griffin, record mogul David Geffen and countless others before the boy secured roles in early 80’s teen comedies: The Last American Virgin, Goonies, and German director Wieland Speck’s Westler, later getting hitched to Screen Gems President Clint Culpepper to whom he had the well publicized hissy fit on the set of the Cher/Christina Aguilera flop Burlesque in which he directed.

Jon-Erik Hexum—extremely beautiful model turned TV hunksis coveted by many Hollywood and Washington power brokers, accidentally killed himself on the set of adventure TV serial he was the star of, but according to gossip hounds was murdered because of an involvement with a pesky pre-mature ejaculating senator, or was it a congressman?

Denham Fouts—the most famous of all the male courtesans of the 1930’s and 1940’s, known as Little Denny, the best kept boy in the world. Denny was the muse of writer Christopher Isherwood and was even desired by Adolph Hitler. World War II would not have occurred if Fouts had slept with the halitosis plagued Führer.

George Nadar—1950’s male ingénue and frequent fuck pud bud of the late matinee idol Rock Hudson.

Matt Lattanzi—one of the most Passed-Around- Patty’s in Hollywood in the late 1970’s and early 80’s; scored big time when legendary gay film director George Cukor became enamored and cast him in his last directorial effort Rich & Famous, a remake of the Bette Davis/Miriam Hopkins film Old Acquaintance where Lattanzi has an awkwardly-posed sex scene with Jacqueline Bisset obviously standing in for Cukor. Later Matt marries singer Olivia Newton-John convincing her to open Melrose Avenue boutique Koala Blue and actually impregnates her with a feral parasite.

Doug McClure—bland blondine 1960’s TV actor starring in mainly Western series like The Virginian. Started off as a callboy working for the notorious Scotty Bowers along with his sometime paramour Clint Eastwood in their early Hollywood lean years getting serviced by many a confirmed bachelor at their LosFeliz Village/Shakespeare Bridge duplex, which once was the abortion clinic to the stars. Gay agent-pimp Henry Wilson signed McClure to his dinosaur dick roster that included Tab Hunter, Robert Wagner, Chad Everett, Rory Calhoun, Guy Madison, John Derek, John Saxon, and diesel hung Clint Walker.

Tommy Kirk—the Disney child star of films like Old Yeller got the axe by old Walt when he was caught smoking reefer in flagrante homosexy déshabille.

John Ashley, Jody McCrea, Frankie Avalon—these Beach Party studkins were always comparing size, shape and man milk during their heyday on the American International Pictures moat.

Hart Bochner—water polo player, GQ Model and early 80’s actor royally filled out his Speedo in the film Breaking Away which was filmed at the University of Indiana at Bloomington, home of the Kinsey Archive, which includes info on his actor father Lloyd Bochner and grandfather who come from a long line of men bred to give pleasure. John Travolta desired a tryst with Hart and his six-pack abs while filming the movie Moment to Moment but was wholeheartedly turned down, as Bochner found him icky. Can't imagine why.

Dennis Christopher—best known for the Academy Award winner Chariots of Fire, my favorite cult film Fade to Black, and for being the best friend to acting sisters Veronica (Alien) and Angela Cartwright (Lost in Space, The Sound of Music). Dennis is a veterano Silverlake resident and in his radiant youth was coveted by Salvador Dali and fashion designer Charles James among many other men, who found his strawberry blonde forever 15 beauty irresistible.

John Davidson—more known for being a TV game show host, he started off his career turning tricks at MacArthur Park where he was discovered by Walt Disney. His 10-inch cruel club became the talk of Buena Vista.

Wendell Burton—this baby dyke looking thespian co- starred with Liza Minnelli in The Sterile Cuckoo, the 1969 film for which Liza was nominated for an Academy Award and the only time she has ever appeared looking naturalistically. Wendell’s bubble butt was stretched from a boy hole into a man channel by none other then the well-endowed former child actor Roddy McDowell.

Ben Murphy—1960’s blue-eyed ginger-haired TV star of Alias Smith’s Jones and Gemini Man. Posed nude for Playgirl, Viva, After Dark and countless other magazines as he was very proud of his foot long plus savory Subway meatsticle sandwich.

Barry Brown—one of the 1970’s most sensitive and arresting neophyte actors starred in the film Bad Company with Jeff Bridges who he scored with, and Peter Bogdanovich’s Daisy Miller opposite the wrongly maligned Cybill Shepherd. Was a regular at Hollywood gay bars and nite spots like The Other Side, Circus Maximus, The Study, Cufflinks, and The Mirror-Go- Round. Was the Bathhouse benediction at the 8709, which was connected to Cedar Sinai Hospital and MACS-(Men’s Affection Center) in Silverlake. Hanged himself in the bar/restaurant The Frog Pond owned by his salty dog sex lizard lover.

Richard Thomas, Bruce Davidson—no one could ever have guessed that the young man who played JohnBoy in the long running TV series The Waltons started off as one of the highest paid Southern California male courtesans, whose clients included the Shah of Iran, various Saudi Princes and other international elites from the worlds of high finance and government. His innocent looks and 27 centimeters surely sealed the deal. Thomas and his tag team comrade of male consort biz Bruce Davidson (Mame, Williard) looked so pure, so pretty, and fetching along with a starlet Barbara Hershey in the film Last Summer. Hershey married David Carradine of TV’s Kung Fu fame in the early 1970’s and changed her name for a while to Barbara Siegel. Does anyone else remember that or am I dating myself?

Porfirio Rubirosa—was married to French actress Danielle Darrieux and American heiresses Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton. His longest lasting marriage was to Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo who first became his “benefactor” in 1931 so that he could have unfettered access to the famous above average organ known in Paris as The Rubirosas. His many conquests include Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, Eartha Kitt, Montgomery “Princess Tiny Meat” Cliff, Dolores Del Rio, William Haines, Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Gore Vidal, Veronica Lake, Spencer Tracy, Kim Novak, Leonard Bernstein and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Sir Henry “Chips” Channon—cocktail and laughter, but what comes after?

Sal Mineo—ultimate polymorphously perverse cinema desire boy who did James Dean, Jill Haworth, Paul Newman and Natalie Wood.

Tim Considine—another Disney child star of the 1950’s was the first lover of Tommy Kirk when they played Spin & Marty on the Mickey Mouse Club series. Later was on TV’s My Three Sons where he met and married his co-star, renouncing homosexuality for good.

Jan Michael Vincent—the ultimate baby blue Marine and surfer in Big Wednesday was only good looking for a short period in his twenties but used his magnificent Ozark Hilljack sex tool skills to get more then a foothold in Hollywood land.