Bjarne Melgaard: 
A Mobile House on Mars

Every living thing affects its surroundings. But humanity is now influencing every aspect of the Earth on a scale akin to the great forces of nature. There are now so many of us, using so many resources, that we’re disrupting the grand cycles of biology, chemistry and geology by which elements like carbon and nitrogen circulate between land, sea and atmosphere. We’re changing the way water moves around the globe as never before. Almost all the planet’s ecosystems bear the marks of our presence.

A growing number of scientists think we’ve entered a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene. Melgaard needs no convincing. He is certain that life on Earth is doomed. The earth having been destroyed beyond repair, Melgaard poses that humankind’s only hope for survival is to abandon Earth and head for Mars.

“The idea that it’s gonna be better is just a frameless notion of how far we reached the end of ourselves as human beings and also that the idea of the Anthropocene also brings into the context that disasters are no longer something we might fear but an opportunity to simply clear the earth of the degenerate humans who inhabit it.”

Rod Bianco Gallery is pleased to present Bjarne Melgaard’s concept drawings for a mobile dwelling that could be installed on the planet Mars. The design of the mobile house takes inspiration from the fashion designs of Susan Cianciolo, Bernadette Corporation, and Seth Shapiro. Melgaard’s drawings will be transformed into architecture by Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta. Snøhetta ultimately will develop a full-scale prototype mobile house for Mars. This will be Melgaard’s second significant collaboration with Snøhetta, coming on the heels of their widely acclaimed joint project A House To Die In, which was the subject of Melgaard’s first solo-exhibition in the United Kingdom at the ICA in Fall 2012 in London.