Marius Mathisrud & Oscar Juul-Sørensen


23.06.17 - 24.06.17

Opening 23.06.17


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Marius Mathisrud and Oscar Juul-Sørensen met at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. They both enrolled at the sculpture department, where they found out that they had a mutual fascination for film making. Although their subjects are varied and some- times far from one another, they both appropriate structural elements from the realm of television; trailers, advertisements, travel shows and ‘feature’ films. With the addition of their self-made props in combination with their own footage and stock imagery; they stage their scenes and individually create their own autonomous segments. In many ways, the filming of the props takes over for the traditional documentation of their sculptural instal- lations, as it has the potential of another layer of manipulation to the work. The need for a suitable platform to show these films without having to compromise on the essence of the work, eventually lead to the creation of their own television channel – CleanTV. CleanTV operates as a online linear TV channel where their works have been structured into a live scheduled 24/7 broadcast network that will be viewable at after the official release at Rod Bianco.

CleanTV is pure television – the one broadcasting network that will cleanse your soul. CleanTV is a platform where our films can be shown on its absolute right terms. The videos we make incorporates mechanisms like endurance, transcendence, spirituality and collective malfunction. For us to be able to transmit these state of (non-)existences, we felt the need for our own screen – our own TV channel. TV used to be a reflection of life, but more and more you have it all on demand at the tip of you fingers, and fast

forwarding to the climax is just too tempting to resist. We want to endure this urge.
We want to pursue a existence of pure is-ness – north, south and everything in between. CleanTV is where mind and body becomes one – where highs and lows are captured inside the uncontrolled machine that is CleanTV.

In this exhibition, we are happy to introduce CleanTV in it’s full bloom for the first time. You will see a selected range of our videos. Films like ‘Garden of Delight Trilogy’, ‘Trust- pole’, ‘Putrid Sex Object’ and ‘#ForeverClean’ is the backbone of the show, as they are the essence of this project. In addition there will a full night of scheduled TV broadcast selected for this show only. We want to bring you in to the deepest part of our mind, where our fears gets confronted with pure joy – the holy moment of forever pleasure.

Oscar and Marius